200 Hour Program

The Prism of the Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Prism of the Mind, Body, and Spirit provides an in-depth look at the intimate connection between these 3 facets of humanity. Trainees can expect to gain insight on the underlying physiological processes involved with the survivorship and trauma & mental health imbalances. This creates a stable foundation for effective teaching in understanding how movement can be a powerful healing modality; rather than just learning to sequence poses together.

Through both introspection and hands-on learning, you’ll be led to deepen your understanding of the foundations of Yoga as well as modern applications of the practice. This training incorporates a variety of educational mediums to support all styles of learning and seeks to equip teachers with the knowledge and confidence to serve all bodies; including those with disabilities. This training is offered hybrid-style which includes a mix of in-person and online hours. 

World Healing Heart Yoga Academy

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