Continuing Education

Movement Mends the Mind

How to optimize the mind-body connection for healing C-PTSD and chronic pain. For individuals seeking a deeper understanding of how mindful movement can ease pain and heal from trauma. For teachers looking to integrate a richer understanding of the mind-body connection and develop a more trauma-informed approach to teaching.

I will offer a detailed explanation of how chronic pain is perceived and perpetuated by toxic patterning as well as the physiological process of trauma response.

Handout to include explanation of Poly-Vagal Theory, the importance of Samskara with regard to long-held limiting beliefs and its connection to the experience of pain and chronic trauma, and commentary of trauma-informed langauging.

The Emotional Body

“Our issues live in our tissues”. This is a deep dive look at how emotions are stored in our muscle fibers, and ways in which mental health imbalances affect the subtle body. Discussion will include the 3 Gunas and how we can apply therapeutic yogic practices to directly treat mood disorders as they are recognized by Western Medicine. This module is offered as a hybrid; to include pre-recorded content as well as in-person classroom time. This first 3 hours of the workshop are for all yoga practitioners- the next 2 hours are geared towards teachers looking to add CEU’s towards their 300 hr YLTT.

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