Learn about Danielle LeBlanc and World Healing Heart Therapeutic Yoga Academy.

Our Story

Danielle is a graduate of the Kunga Yoga School’s 200-hr Yoga Lifestyle and Teacher Training and 300-hr Therapeutic Essentials Advanced Teacher Training. She completed the teaching internship at Wilmington Yoga Center and was a Kunga Yoga School Apprentice before becoming one of the Kunga Yoga School’s Teacher Training Leaders. She also offers a Mentorship program for Yoga teachers seeking to deepen their understanding of their personal practice as well as discover and embrace their own unique teaching style.

Danielle LeBlanc

Danielle has years of teaching experience with individuals from all walks of life, from public studio classes to private sessions to trauma-sensitive populations, including Open Gate Women’s Shelter and Salvation Army residents.

While Danielle enjoys teaching yoga in any capacity, her greatest passion is offering Yoga as a healing modality for PTSD, Anxiety and Panic Disorders, Depression, and any other manifestation of mental/emotional imbalance.

Through the ancient practice of Yoga, Danielle uses her knowledge gained in the classroom in conjunction with her unique ability to read energy to inform her instruction. An emotional and energetic Empath, Danielle uses an intuitive approach to serve her clients’ needs.

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